Save Money With These Cheap Web Design Methods

cheap web design ideas

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DIY Methods To Upgrade Your Website


Most businesses in Singapore will plan a budget for their marketing, especially when it comes to building a company’s website.

If budget is a constraint, here are some cheap web design methods and ways that Singapore business owners can easily implement by themselves to upgrade their website.

#1) Pump in useful content to your website

Without a doubt, blogging is the most cost-effective way to drive qualified traffic to most websites. A website with little to no content may not seem as credible compared to a website with thick and quality content.

You can start by making basic information highly accessible on your website by consolidating the frequently asked questions and feedback from your customers. Then, address those concerns and turn them into blogs. With lots of useful information on your website, you can encourage your customers to search for the answers to their problems or even help them make a buying decision.

#2) Consider building a conversion funnel

Your website exists to educate customers about your products or services and then eventually close a sale. With proper website development and structuring of a conversion funnel on your website, you can upgrade your website into a money-making machine.

As you start blogging regularly, you will eventually gain traffic to your website. This enables you to earn contact information from your potential clients as leads in your database. You can draw them back to your website again with an enticing offer and move them from your landing page to your purchase or signup page.

#3) Remove or redesign off-brand visuals that don’t impress your customers

Having a strong brand identity that is consistent throughout your website creates trust and reflects professionalism to your company.

There are many different color palettes and graphics on the internet but it does not mean that the mediums go well altogether (e.g. a website full of high-resolution photos with cartoon graphics). 

Re-evaluate your branding and ask for feedback on how you can further enhance the website. It can be as simple as removing certain elements, content and features on your website. Or creating new webpages to boost user’s experience.

#4) ‘Humanize’ your website

You are your brand. There are some things that are worth investing for and photos are one of them. The problem with stock photos is that they are freely available to everyone, meaning even to your competitors. Additionally, stock photos make the overall look of your website looks cheap and unprofessional.

Although hiring a photographer can be expensive but it is usually a one-off cost. A ‘Humanize’ website will build a unique and memorable brand for any business.


There you have it, 4 cheap web design methods that you can use to upgrade your website and give it a brand new look. 

If you need help with your website, check out the list of the web design services that I provide. You can run through and let me know how I can help you with. 

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