[Survival of The Fittest] Create A Website in Singapore

own a website or lose out

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Look At Your Business Website In A New Perspective

#1) Businesses that doesn't create a website is like giving themselves a death sentence

  • Your digital-savvy customers will look elsewhere if you don’t have a business website.
  • Publicize your testimonials on your website to boost the credibility of your business. 90% of consumers claim that reviews influence their buying decisions.
  • A website can influence the public perception of your brand. It’s true that you cannot control what others say about you on the internet but you can take some actions to control the narrative.
  • Position your business to reach 4.39 billion internet users in Singapore with a website and the cost is still less than you send on traditional marketing (e.g. brochures).
  • Give your customers more reasons to buy from you. 81% of consumers start their purchasing journey with online research and recommendations from their peers.
  • Create a resource center for your own employees.

#2) Still stuck in the 90s? Change Your Perspective Of A Website Now.

It requires a shift in your perspective when making a decision to create a new website or rebuild your existing website. It all starts by asking yourself a broader and more business-oriented questions before commencing the project.

One common question that I will ask business owners is, “Do you see a website as an investment or an expense?”

Understanding The Purpose of Creating A Website

An investment in this scenario is where an action is taken to solve a business problem and move forward.

The purpose of creating a website should not be assumed that it will immediately bring in more sales and customers.

Without a proper marketing strategy (e.g. Sales Funnel or SEO Campaigns), your website is just another website on the internet.

This perspective is what many website designers failed to communicate effectively to their clients. As a result, some people call website a ‘scam’ and the designers are ‘cheats’ in the digital marketing industry.

Establish An Objective for Your Website

During the consultation phase, I will provoke intriguing questions to set the objectives for the website project right from the beginning between me and my client.

For example, “What are the ultimate goals you want to accomplish?”, “What results do you want to achieve from this project?”, “If your website is your employee, what would its job be?”

The objective of a website could be getting more leads and sales. Or it could be used to build your personal branding and portfolio.

With clearer objectives and goals in mind, we can strategize a roadmap together and work as partners in achieving your goals.

Remember, you want to see a website as an investment and not an expense. It’s just like, “Do you see education as an investment or an expenses?”

The value and cost of the project will be justified based on the resources required to achieve your goals.

Work With A Web Designer in Singapore That Can Create A Website Professionally And Understand Your Goals

Many busy business owners in Singapore simply do not have the time to work on their digital assets. Hence, the key to growing a successful online presence is to be able to see your website as a valuable business tool.

Additionally, you must partner with a website designer who understands your company’s goals and he/she is able to leverage your business tool to achieve your goals.

#3) No excuse that you don't know how to create a website

If you are a business owner that does not want to outsource your website management, get started with this super easy step by step guide.

Step 1. Select a domain name and register your domain

A domain is a URL that people type in search engines to find you. It is like an address of your website. You can check out crazydomains.sg.

Step 2. Decide on a hosting provider and pick the appropriate subscription plan

A hosting platform is a place where your website ‘lives’. You can set up with vodien.com (based in Singapore) or siteground.com (based in the US). Both hosting providers offer fast and great customer service support with in-house experts.

Step 3. Pick a Content Management System (CMS) platform

You can consider using wordpress.org as it is easy and free to use.

Step 4. You can work on the design of your website from a template or create from scratch

There are many website design templates available for you to work on. Select those that match your brand.

Step 5. Create your content

Make sure that you have at least a ‘Home’ web page, ‘About’ web page, and ‘Contact’ web page.

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As a business owner, it is important to ask yourself business-oriented questions before you decide to partner with a website designer or developer to create your website.

If you are a website designer, start your next project by understanding your client’s underlying goals. This will help to save time, money and enable the entire marketing partnership between you and the business owner a smoother work experience.

If you find this article insightful, leave a comment below. I strive to produce more content where readers can view digital marketing with a business mentality and I hope to minimize the obstacles from your digital marketing journey.

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