[Shocking Stats] How Much To Design A Website in Singapore

how much to design a website

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Know exactly what goes into the cost of your website design

#1) [Shocking Stats] How Much to Design a Website in Singapore?

The cost of website design in Singapore would really depend on the kind of web designer you are working with.

  • If you are building a basic website by yourself, it may cost an average of SGD$40 (domain name/ year), SGD$80 (hosting/year), SGD$0 (CMS like wordpress.org) and optional but good to have SGD$90 (website builder).


  • A freelancer (depending on their design experience) may quote between SGD$800 to SGD$5,000 for 5 webpages (non-eCommerce website). Whereas an agency may charge around SGD$1,500 for 1 web page onwards.


  • For custom portal web development, it can cost up to SGD$30,000 for a medium-size website.


  • If you are looking for a website redesign or personal branding website, it ranges from approximately SGD$2000 to SGD$40,000 (or more).


#2) Why Are There Different Prices?

One of the most common questions that many of my potential clients would ask me over the phone or via email is “Hello. How much to design a website?”

As technology evolves so quickly, a website isn’t something that people would buy frequently and business owners generally do not have the time to educate themselves about the industry.

Imagine yourself shopping for a car. What makes a BMW cost SGD$183,000 and a Honda cost 1/3 of that price when both brands are selling the same products? It all boils down to the value of the product/ services that are being delivered.

Based on what I do and how I form my project estimates, I will break down where the money from the cost of the website goes to in this article.

#3) Don't Get Scam! These are the must-have items that contributes to the Cost of your Website design in Singapore

All my website quotations are based on the value of the solution I can provide to meet my client’s business goals and deliver a return on investment.

I have listed a few factors that contribute to the cost of my website projects below. These include, but are not limited to:

Domain Name

Why you need it and what is the cost: A domain name is the URL that people type in their browser to access your website. It cost about SGD$40 per year.

URL that ends with “.com” generally cost lesser than URL that ends with “.sg” or other customized domain extensions (such as “.restaurant”“.online”, etc). You can expect to pay premium rates as high as SGD $2000 (or more) per year for some extremely popular URLs.

Among all the providers, I prefer crazydomain.sg for their great customer service support.


Why you need it and what is the cost: A domain name is like the ‘home’ address of your website and a hosting platform is a place where your website ‘lives’.

All files that run your website are stored in the hosting platform. It may be inexpensive and cost about SGD$80 per year but it is one of the most important considering factors for your website.

If your hosting provider is shoddy, your website may not perform well and it might even get hacked. The time and effort spent on creating your website may be negated.

vodien.com is a Singapore-based web hosting company and may help with the loading speed of your website. Otherwise, you can also consider siteground.com or crazydomain.sg, they’re US-based web hosting company, and works just fine as well.

Content Management System (CMS)

Why you need it and what is the cost: A CMS is used in your website to display text, pictures, videos, articles, etc. There are many CMSs such as wix.com, duda.com, wordpress.com, shopify.com and more.

Most of them cost SGD$0 (like WordPress) but it can also cost up to thousands of dollars for the customized ones.

I work on WordPress (wordpress.org) for most of my clients as it saves me time and allows me to create a website with more efficiency.

Theme Builder

Why you need it and what is the cost: A theme builder (integrable to some CMS), provides themes that allow you to easily change the design and format of your website.

This may be very convenient for business owners who want to update their website without the help of the developer after the project.

Most public themes are free but it makes the layout of your website similar to others. For premium themes, it can cost about SGD$90 per year where you get the exclusive license to customizable themes and features.

I use elegantthemes.com and elementor.com as it is compatible with my preferred CMS, WordPress and it is easy for my clients to learn.

Responsive Web Design

Why you need it and what is the cost: Google favors websites that are mobile-friendly by ranking them higher. A responsive website also increases user experience as it can tailor the layout of the screen sizes based on the user’s devices. Most websites are already responsive but, if you are using an older theme, it can cost you about SGD$2000 (one-time task) to readjust your website.

#4) Why the big boys hire professionals to build or re-design their Website

Why you need it and what is the cost: A website determines how your customers will perceive your overall company. Whether you are launching your first website or planning to makeover an existing one, it is important to take its design seriously.

What is the cost:

  • A freelancer (depending on their experience) may quote between SGD$800 to SGD$5,000 for 5 webpages (non-eCommerce website). Whereas an agency may charge around SGD$1,500 for 1 web page onwards.


  • For custom portal web development, it can cost up to SGD$30,000 for a medium-size website.


  • If you are looking for a website redesign or personal branding website, it ranges from approximately SGD$2000 to SGD$40,000 (or more). It depends on the CMS you’re using, the nature of your business (e-commerce site is more expensive) and how much customization is desired.

Most medium to big enterprises in Singapore has a continuous branding process where they will revamp their website every few years to keep up with the modern trend and technology. A website revamp also keeps their customers coming back for more.

How I determine the cost of a website depends on how long it will take me to build the functionality and features requested by my clients.

An e-commerce site may be common on the web but this does not mean that they are easy to develop.

Some back-end customization to the site can also be very time-intensive and would require beyond the normal timeline for my team and myself to create from scratch.

#5) The battle between the Cost of the website Versus Its Quality

Sure, you can go ahead to engage a freelancer to design the most stunning website for you and at a lower price.

I mean, anyone can build a website in Singapore, but what differentiates me from the others are the following:

SEO-friendly pages

Why you need it: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is no longer optional. In fact, it is important to ensure that your website is SEO-friendly during the web design process.

What SEO does is to help a website rank on the search engine for a particular keyword. With the basic foundation for SEO, it can get you a headstart for your online presence, help save you time and money for your future online marketing campaigns.

But SEO is an ongoing battle, it’s never a one-time game for you to play with. When you have more marketing budget, consider developing your website with SEO to rank for specific keywords.


Why you need it: Copywriting is a piece of unique and compelling content written on a webpage. It captures attention and make your readers read what you want them to read and know. It could be an offer or a promotion that you are running.

This in turns, builds site authority and encourages potential clients to see you as a credible company. Whereas a poor copywriter may lose marks on duplicated content and usage of boring words.

Setting up Google My Business, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console

Why you need it: The purpose of a website is to create an online presence for you and your company. If you want your website to be found on Google, you need to let Google know.

This means setting up the basic essentials like Google My Business, Google Analytics and Google Search Console properly.

#6) How Much Budget To Set Aside To Design A Website In Singapore?

Website Design Budget for Small or Local Businesses

A small local business typically uses a website that contains roughly 6 to 10 pages. The all-inclusive website package may cost between SGD$800 to SGD$5,000 if done by a freelance website designer, whereas a web design agency could charge anywhere between SGD$2500 to SGD$15,000.

The price may include the cost of the domain name and the hosting plan, depending on how the freelancer or the web design agency decides to structure their package.

This recurring cost of the domain name and the web hosting could cost around a recurring SGD$100 every year.

Most web design agencies have to incur their office rental, staff overheads, and other operating expenses, they usually have to charge more.

You can check out my full web design services and the price list here.

Website Design Budget for Large Enterprises / ECommerce Design

Large enterprises usually have websites that are a lot bigger and usually have more than 100 pages or so.

These companies may decide to engage a website consultant to come in to provide strategic advice such as User Interface Design and User Experience Design, or they could hire the website designer to perform the work on the company’s website.

The cost largely varies from anywhere between SGD$5,000 to SGD$10,000 for a freelancer to create 100 web pages.

Do note that some of these web pages require minimal copywriting as they could potentially be ECommerce Sites that includes their product listing.

As for web design agencies, the cost could be anywhere between SGD$8,000 to SGD$20,000, depending on the specific requirements of the client.

Website Design Budget for Custom Features and Custom Development

Some organizations require a more specific type of website. These websites usually perform a function that is catered to the client. An example could be an in-house Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or a Human Resource Management (HRM) system.

As a result of the nature of the custom development of the website, the cost could be anywhere between $20,000 to $100,000. The project duration could also last anywhere between 6 months up to 2 years.

#7) Conclusion

In Singapore, there are many website designers and developers. Most of them are rolling out promotions to sell their services at a cheaper price for business owners who are looking for a budget website design.

The critical consideration here is the experience and quality of their work. Imagine spending SGD$500 for a low-quality website and then subsequently have to top up another SGD$1500 (or more) to rectify the issues afterward.

On the other hand, it may take an experienced website designer to develop an SEO-friendly and responsive website for less than the overall cost that you have to pay in the long run.

An experienced web developer has also likely thought through every potential caveat so that you can operate your website by yourself.

The rate that I quote is based on my client’s requirements and what I believe is reasonable for the return on investment I can provide. The process is also tailored to deliver web design services based on the above cost factors in this article. 

Before you go, check out some of my work with my past client.

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