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The Challenge

Best SEO Marketing Pte. Ltd is my success story of transiting from a freelancer to an actual business owner of a digital marketing agency in Singapore. 

And that’s why I can design a website from a business perspective.

Together with my driven business partner, Jim, we wanted to beat the norm by building a remote agency and gathering talents (other freelancers in Singapore) to offer digital marketing services to business owners.

This means we work remotely and does a lot of telecommunication with team members and clients, locally and internationally.

The challenge is, Singapore is already in a state where digital marketers are over-saturated and this makes it difficult for freelancers (like me) to differentiate ourselves from an actual agency. 

After we incorporated Best SEO Marketing Pte. Ltd., we needed to reposition the agency’s brand image and boost its presence on the internet.


The Goal

After a strategic discussion with Jim, it became clear that there were 4 main goals for the new website:

  • #1. To educate more business owners 

Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) needs to understand that design isn’t everything. A Search Engine Optimised and Conversion friendly website is crucial to bring in a steady flow of sales. 

  • #2. To establish trust

It’s the results that matters. Regardless if we’re freelancers or not, we can also deliver results. 

  • #3. Publish our sales copy from a different approach

Our website should not make users feel like we’re just trying to ‘sell’ them a service. It should be design in a way where it nurtures the lead from ‘cold’ to ‘hot’.

  • #4. Must be Search Engine Optimised with a well built sales funnel

We don’t use implement strategies that we don’t believe in. We tried it on ourselves, see results, then we recommends it to our clients.


Project Summary

In just 1 month after completion of the website design, we received our first inbound lead and secured a project at $3540 with that client for SEO & website design.

What makes Best SEO Marketing Pte. Ltd. so different from the rest is that we do not just build websites. We focus mainly on getting results for our clients.

In short, “Our client’s results, our KPI. Their sales, our achievements.”

Our priority is to build a website that is SEO and Conversion friendly. Simply because no businesses will ever invest in things that have no return on investment and we understand that very clearly.

We offer free website audits to all business owners. Whether you choose to engage us for any services or not, there’s no obligations because we genuinely wants to help and gets excited in educating marketers, entrepreneurs like you.

Contact us today.

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