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The Challenge

EastWest SVC was established in 2016. They have been distributing lab equipment to big corporations like NUS, HP, Qualcomm, Broadcom and more.

However, their outdated website interface and lackluster user experience were making it difficult for the team to market and distribute products to yield sufficient growth and ROI.

Their goal of expanding into the region to increase revenue proved challenging.

EastWest SVC needed a new website makeover, corporate brand image, and a more cost-effective marketing strategy to expand their business and better meet the needs of their customers.

Their marketing efforts were mainly focused on Google Paid Ads but their site did not have a clear direction flow and a landing page that will make visitors take action. This may have caused the high bounce off rate from visitors that click on their ads.

The entire website has thin content and messy URL structure —making search engine optimization absolutely key to their success.

Below are some screenshots from EastWest SVC’s old website:


The Goal

During the consultation session with one of the founders of EastWest SVC, my colleague Jim, and I audited their website, Google Analytics and their marketing process to identify the weak areas.

This is extremely important to me as it establishes where my focus should be and how can I yield results that give the most impact. 

As always, my work process focus on the bottom line—changes must translate into trackable ROI. This way, my client and I would be able to see the impacts of our marketing efforts and how can we better refine our marketing strategy.

I’ve listed some of the most important points below:

  • Branding, branding, and branding. Their website was in serious need of rebranding as it was hindering their ability to open up spaces for growth. We needed to eliminate the doubts that prospective customers have about the quality of EastWest SVC’s services and products.
  • Proper organization of the website is required to provide users to find what they need quickly and with minimal effort.
  • Strengthen EastWest SVC’s positioning in the market.
  • Pump in actionable content and add more call-to-action (CTA) buttons that directs visitors to contact them
  • Remove outdated products and information from the website.
  • Migrate their website from Wix to WordPress.

Check out the drastic change to the home page of EastWest SVC’s brand new website below:


Project Summary

Now that the project is completed, EastWest SVC can launch their newly branded website that is sure to stand a chance against competitors and generate more revenue than before. With a professional and strong new brand, the team can also easily market and sell their product and services to more professionals, especially when they attend any MICE event like – SEMICON Southeast Asia.

Built entirely with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind, I have strategically designed EastWest SVC’s site to gather more leads and attract higher-level clients with more CTA buttons.

Within just one month of SEO campaign, EastWest SVC was ranking for the following keywords on page 1 of the Google search engine since November 2019:

  • LIBS Spectroscopy Singapore
  • Active Thermography Singapore
  • High Speed Imaging Singapore
  • Motorized Stage Singapore

Perhaps your current marketing campaign can perform better? Contact me for a free website audit. 

It’s obligation free. I’m happy to help!

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