my case study - exomina events

The Challenge

Any website including yours and mine could be the next target to be hacked. Exomnia Events was one of the innocent victim and it happened to them several times too. 

Read till the end for a simple tip that can protect your website.

Exomnia Events is an impressive full-service experiential events management agency in Singapore. They have taken multiple mega projects in both local and the regional markets. For example, the ‘Naming Ceremony Of Sleipnir’, ‘SPGK Porsche Launch Event’, ‘SPGK Consultants Conference’, ‘Sembcorp Marine Tuas Boulevard Yard Hull Workshop’ and many more.

A website is like a brochure to any business and it’s extremely awkward to let potential clients view a shady looking website. They have tried all sorts of methods including installing security plugins, hired someone to remove the issue but it just keeps happening.


The Goal

After some investigation, here’s what have been done: 

  • Change and migrate the website to a new hosting platform 
  • Revamp the website to a single page
  • Ensure that the website is fully mobile optimised
  • Give a ‘wow’ impression to the visitors when they visit the website
  • Content and information in the website have to be updated

Below is a screenshot of just half the website:

Project Summary

The website was launched in January 2020 and so far, there’s no issue at all.

The only unfortunate thing is that there’s no way for us to remove all the hacked website that were link to 

Does your website has a SSL Certificate? You can easily spot them at the top webpage where there’s a bar for you to type in a website URL. There should be a padlock looking icon which look like the screenshot below:

catheryn design secured websites

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