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Aside from Website Designing, I also design business name cards, corporate sales powerpoint design, IG posts, info-graphics and blog banners.

freelance business card designs - straight forward, professional and no confusing designs

Whether you’re a business owner or freelancer, getting your name and business out there can be tough especially if you’re new.  

One good friend of mine, a business owner too, once told me, “Aiya, don’t need design business cards lah. My social media and website is my ‘digital business name card’. Clients can find me there.” 

Is it?….

There are thousands of other online businesses that offers the exact same service and sell the exact same product like yours.

Sure, your potential customer may go online. But there’s also a high possibility for them to stumble into your competitor’s social media accounts or website and then forget about you. Why give them the opportunity to do that?

Sometimes, keeping it old school with an actual business card is the best.

Think about it, the tradition of giving out a physical business card during social event, networking function or meeting with potential clients are still ongoing till date. Even interns have their name cards designed and printed. 


It forces your potential clients to take a second look and recall who you are after meeting you. What this does is to allow them to process their memories which in turns, leave a deeper impression of you.

Designing a business card isn’t rocket-science but it does require some time and effort. To help make your life easier, I’ve some case studies and pre-made business card designs that are simple, straight-forward and professional.

My Freelance Business Card Design Case Study 1 - ESP Singapore

esp service provider (business name card)

The image on the left is the company’s website and the other 2 images on the right are the designs of the business name card (front and back). The business card design is based on the company’s website where I used the same font and colors scheme. The top and the bottom boarder is also inspired from the website with black and green lines, which are often spotted in most webpages.

My Freelance Business Card Design Case Study 2 - Best SEO Marketing

bestseo marketing (business name card)

Galaxy theme has always been an element that gives a stylish vibe, and in this minimal design, it oozes simplicity. The top business card on the above image is the front and the bottom 2 are the back. I opted for a matte finish for our business card to give it a little boost of high quality when potential clients hold the cards on their hands.

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My Freelance Business Card Design Case Study 3 - Templates

graphic design case study singapore

Refer to the above image, here’s some template business card designs that I’ve provided to past clients.

On the left is the first draft template business card design for a mechanical company. This design is suitable for any businesses that doesn’t like fancy designs and have words ‘overcrowding’ the entire card. It’s straightforward with important content only.

In the middle is a refined template business card design for a motor company. Something simple yet it adds a little bit of class and a touch of sophistication with elegance. The final result was enhanced by a silk matte finish during printing.

The template business card design on the right is for a interior design company. This form of design are for businesses looking for creativity that are bold yet not overpowering. I created 3 more other designs with different color chart. Part of the reason is to aid home owners (which is their client) when it comes to painting their walls.

My Freelance Business Card Design Pricing and FAQs

Backed by my experience with multiple case studies to proof, each design comes with careful thoughts, proofread and 10 revisions. I can also incorporate Chinese characters.

$37 for 1 design (front & back) and $100 for 3 person.

The standard size is 8.5cm x 5cm. But you can also request for different card sizes to ride on current trend. Do speak with the person-in-charge from a printer company for the possibility.

I find that Colornet Printing Technology Pte Ltd does a pretty good job and have been recommending them to all my clients. 

You can reach them at or call 6745 1828. 

Do note that I don’t get any commission for referring. It’s based on my personal experience and it’s just a recommendation for you to consider. 

Base on my experience with other clients, most of them prefers to have their services listed at the back of their business name cards. At the front is usually their name, company details and contact details.

I can deliver the designs between 1-3 working days. Do let me know if you need it urgently so that I can readjust my work schedule.

You can also engage me for other Freelance Graphic Design Services

My quote is standard* across all my graphic design services – $25 per piece with 10 revisions. (*Unless otherwise as stated.)

But if you order in bulk, it’ll be $20 per piece.

I can help you with:

  • Corporate PowerPoint design 

$300 for 15 tailored-made slides that matches your brand

  • IG posts design

$600 for 30 to 50 designs

  • Info-graphics

$37 per piece

  • Blog banners.

$25 per piece

Just give me 1 to 3 days and I’ll deliver the graphics to you. Contact me today.

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