Next Level Singapore

The Challenge

Surge Digital is currently one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in Singapore. They have a team of social media ninjas that have served countless companies that vary from million dollar real estate agents to businesses that are doing $40 million in revenue.

Surge Digital wanted to do more for business owners in Singapore to grow their companies and help individual professionals to shape their career paths. Hence, Next Level Singapore was launched as their sister brand.

There was a need for a new company website to house Next Level Singapore, attract higher ticket paying clients and generate new business.

Redesigning a website for a company that provides digital marketing services was no easy task. But my commitment to Next Level Singapore as their Website Strategist has certainly made things easier.

My team and I had a close working relationship with the founders of Next Level Singapore, Benjamin and Chong Hao. Within a month, we were able to successfully design and develop a brand new website that truly meets the needs of both prospective and reflects a strong corporate image for the agency.

The Goal

Surge Digital was looking to achieve a few specific goals for Next Level Singapore.

1) The website is to make the agency look more well-established and posh.

2) The copywriting throughout the website needed to better explain what exactly Next Level Singapore is offering and why should business owners work with them.

3) The presentation of their case studies needed to be utilized more effectively and how their solutions have helped their clients’ business.

4) The website must have a solid foundation for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from the start. This way they can implement better marketing campaigns to attract the right clients and receive lesser junk leads.

Project Summary

This new website will be one of the largest factors in providing a long-term Return on Investment (ROI) for Surge Digital and Next Level Singapore.   

Along with the Surge Digital team, we were able to brand Next Level Singapore and refine its business model in just a few short weeks. 

Currently, I am still in a close working relationship with the team to build their website authority and online presence in the Google Search Engine. 

By taking the time to solidify the company’s position on the internet, I strive to provide more value to the agency. 

Who Is Catheryn?

Catheryn Wong works at Best SEO Marketing Pte. Ltd. as a Website Strategist and Copywriter. With a strong background in marketing and technology, her forte is incorporating SEO with Web Design and Development.

As she only works with a handful of clients at any point in time, all her projects, including yours, will be treated as a priority on its own.

Her clients include some of the biggest personality-driven brands in Singapore today. 

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