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Unfortunately, NTU has shut down the website as the openhouse has ended. So, I can’t direct you to their website.

The Challenge

NTU needs no introduction. Having known that NTU is ranked at position 11th of the top university in the world, I was rather nervous when I took up their project.

In response to the COVID19 situation at the start of the year 2020, the NTU Open House committee adapted extremely quickly and they were one of the first few universities that announced to host a Virtual Open House. In fact, it was their first Virtual Open House. 

With merely less than 14 days (including weekends) left to the actual date of the Open House, they needed a committed website designer to build a welcoming and attractive website from scratch. 

It’s a massive project but it has to be done and one man’s operation is simply not going to cut it.

So, together with my collegue, Jim, we split our work as such:

  • Jim is in-charged of technical-related and software issues.
  • My job is to design and ensure that all webpages are fully mobile optimised.

The Goal

There were many tasks to be done and some of the most important ones that I can recall includes:

  • Build a website on a platform with extremely tight security restrictions. (Because of this, my design plans and themes became limited & many interactive features were rejected by the university’s IT system.) 
  • The design must display a pinch of fun element with a heavy focus on corporate image.
  • Work with all the colleges, schools and various departments in NTU on the content to be placed inside their respective webpages. This also means all the design layout of all the webpages must remain as similar as possible to ensure consistency across the website. 
  • Ensure that the ‘Live Chat’ feature gels with the website.
  • Get all the representatives to check their respective webpage before we publish the website. 
  • Set up tracking analytics so that we know the number of university applications that came from the Virtual Open House.
  • Provide a list of URL structure in the website.
  • Shut down the website 2 weeks after the Virtual Open House ends. 


After the website was published, it managed to rank at #1 on Google for the 2 keywords within less than 7 days:

  • NTU Open House
  • NTU Virtual Open House

Project Summary

One of the most overwhelming experiences that I find is that, we have to meet all the representatives in the morning for discussion and it usually lasts the entire day.

Then, we have to make all the necessary changes by next day noon so that we can continue to refine and finalize the website. This means that all of the NTU staff members, Jim and myself were working till late midnight for consecutively 2 weeks.

The colleges, schools and departments that I get to work with includes:

  • College of Engineering (& 6 Schools under this College)
  • College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (& 4 Schools under this College)
  • College of Science (& 3 Schools under this College)
  • Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
  • Nanyang Business School
  • National Institute of Education
  • Sport Science & Management
  • NTU-University Scholars Programme
  • Renaissance Engineering Programme
  • CN Yang Scholars Programme
  • Undergraduate Research Experience on CAmpus
  • Overseas GEM
  • Corporate Communications Office
  • Office Of Admission
  • IT, Web & Mobile Team

It’s really a crazy short period of time to complete the project, but it’s clear that we all did a good job as the Virtual Open House was truly a success.

Everyone in NTU were extremely humble, nice and trying their best to help one another.

I even got a short testimonial from the NTU Open House Committee team which they posted on the Best SEO Marketing Google review:

“Jim & Catheryn – we enjoyed working with you in this project. Despite the tight timeline, the numerous changes… you are always accomodating. Thank you for your patience and all the best to the both of you. From all of us at NTU Team MOS. 5stars

Overall, I enjoyed the entire process and overcoming all the challenges.

No matter the size of the project that you might have, contact me today. I’m confident that I can be of great help to your business as well.

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