my case study - rossette design

The Challenge

Rosette Designs & Co. is one of the most well established wedding planners in Singapore since 2013. They were featured in Channel NewsAsia, SPH Magazines, The Straits Times, Bridestory and many more. 

The founder, Hellen Lie, is a strong believer of Digital Marketing and she knows very well if the strategies are done right, it’ll yield more leads and sales for her company.

She wanted her company’s website to have a better conversion rate and wanted a more solid SEO foundation. It’s actually the ‘money keywords’ that she’s interested in.

What are 'Money Keywords'?

Money keywords are the words that potential customers will type into the Google Search Bar. Google will then displayed a list of websites that are most relevant to the keyword.

This is when the top 10 websites will benefit because they are displayed on the first page of Google and it is very likely that the customers will click into their website.

Because the ‘money keywords’ are likely to be searched by buyers, it is important for companies to find out what these ‘keywords’ are for their industry.

In the case for Rosette Designs & Co., their top #1 ‘money keyword’ is definitely ‘Wedding Planner Singapore’, which is hyper competitive and difficult to rank. This is another topic altogether which I will provide more details on my blog.


The Goal

The objective of this project is clear cut: 

  • Conduct a thorough technical SEO review. (This includes restructuring of the website URL, update the title tags and meta description)
  • Copywriting – Review and refine on the website content to ensure sufficient information are targeted towards the ‘money keywords’
  • A sleek website with a minimalist yet elegant look.
  • Enhance user experience by ensuring fast page speed and mobile optimized.

On top of that, my colleague, Jim also conduct a short SEO crash course for a small fee. The entire team needs to have a basic and better understanding on how SEO works. This way, their knowledge can aid in their marketing discussion and team members can provide a more efficient campaign. 

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rosette design (full)

Project Summary

After the new website was launched, Jim continued to monitor the rankings of the website.

Now they rank on the 1st page of Google for the following ‘money keywords’:

  • Wedding Decoration Packages Singapore
  • Wedding Decoration Singapore
  • Wedding Decor Singapore
  • Wedding Planner Singapore Cost

Is your website ranking for any ‘money keywords’?

I can help you find more ‘money keywords’ so that your customers have no excuse to say that they can’t find you online.

Contact with me for a free website audit now!

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