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A Business Website Makeover Success Story. Find Out How I Build Their Website.

Why Companies in Singapore Want To Re-Build Their Website

  • 94% of consumers will not trust websites that seem outdated.
  • 75% of consumers judge the business’s credibility by the design and feel of the company’s website.
  • An opinion about your business is form within a second when users visit your site.
  • Over 50% of consumers expect your website design to be visually attractive.


Keeping up with the changing digital trends and ensuring that your website is attractive might sound daunting. But there are many quick wins for the efforts you make to maintain your website.

In this article, I will share with you how re-building your website can boost your brand and win customers over from your competitors.

An Upgrade To Your Business Website Is An Upgrade To Your Brand [Case Study]

After working with EastWest SVC for almost 2 months, you can clearly see a drastic transformation from the old website with the existing and current one. See the screenshot below and check out their re-build website – eastwestsvc.com.

Established in 2016, EastWest SVC is a premier scientific instrumentation distributor in Singapore.

Their clients include big players like HP, NUS, and more. Even though they were at a decent point with their business, they knew that something needed to change on their company’s website to open space for growth.

The main thing that EastWest SVC’s old site did not have was a clear and powerful USP (unique selling proposition). Check out EastWest SVC’s old site in the screenshot below:

Here are the changes that were made:

  • You can see that their company positioning is strengthened with a clear message, ‘We help you get your Desired Lab Equipment’.
  • A solid list of clientele is displayed to establish the trust and credibility of their company.
  • There are more visible ‘call-to-action’ buttons to ensure visitors have more reasons to contact them.
  • Their products are also highlighted appropriately on every web page where they are not overpowering the entire website with information.
  • Built entirely with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind, EastWest SVC’s site is strategically designed to gather more leads and attract higher-level clients.

As we continue to work as close business partners, our common goal is to build a stronger brand and authority for EastWest SVC.

Read the full Case Study for EastWest SVC.

Signs That Calls For A Website Upgrade For Your Business

The majority of the business leaders in Singapore do not have the hours to think about upgrading their website unless some red flags pop up.

I often hear similar feedback when I meet up with potential business partners and asked them about their company’s website. They will share with me that they are always down in focusing on hitting their key performance index (KPI) and managing customer support. There’s simply no time for them to think about rebranding as long as the website is working just fine.

Your website is a powerful business tool and a big opportunity lies in spotting web-related red flags early. Take a few seconds to answer this question, “If your website is your corporate image, how would new customers perceive your brand?” 

There are businesses that waited too long and miss the signs. Eventually, the company remains ‘stuck’ at where they are and unable to grow further.

Re-Build Your Website Sign #1: Increase in customers feedback

In Singapore, there is a proliferation of well-designed software and websites from big companies everywhere. This rises the expectations of consumers and they assume that all businesses should have the same quality online experience.

This is especially (though not exclusively) for businesses that serve a close community like gyms and yoga studios. The common requests from customers are those that seem like “nice-to-have” perks. For instance, start an online community forum, incorporate a class booking management system through their website or an app, etc.

Little inconveniences matter to customers. If nothing is done, they might start to look elsewhere.

Re-Build Your Website Sign #2: Your company starts to expand

Unlike Website Upgrade Sign #1, Sign #2 falls under the category of “good to have problems”. This occurs when your company is gaining some traction and you are able to attract more new business.

During this crucial period, it is important to relook the pages of your website and identify those that are disjointed or cluttered with content. Slapping a fresh piece of information about your products or services without proper design planning is not going to excite your customers. It might even cause confusion to a new prospect.

It is vital to ensure continuous improvement to the user experience of your website so as to look prepared, minimize friction with new visitors, and increase sales.

Re-Build Your Website Sign #3: Your website operations have a hodgepodge of individual tools

Using the ‘one-problem-one-tool’ approach has its benefits as well as its disadvantages. When issues are encountered on the website, you can get specific tools to resolve each one of them instantly. On the contrary, this approach is like a silent killer where the hidden problems will only surface in the long-run.

As the tools you get increases, there are more logins and billing subscriptions you need to remember. In the beginning, these tools may work harmoniously with your website. But after numerous version updates, some of them may refuse to integrate with your website. This vicious cycle then makes you get more new tools to resolve the issue again or left you running manual tasks to fill the gaps.

Exactly what issues were you trying to avoid in the first place? This tell-tale sign is one of the biggest red flags that call for a website upgrade as soon as possible.

Fortunately, it is only through an experience you learn and be better at running a business. I see this particularly with e-Commerce businesses as they grow. When the business owners are ready to invest in a good website, they are able to make better judgments and provide specific requirements. This way, website designers and developers can provide better solutions for integrated features like payment gateway, inventory, and invoices, etc.

Cheap Web Design Ideas And Ways to Upgrade Your Website

Most businesses in Singapore will plan a budget for their marketing, especially when it comes to building a company’s website. If budget is a constraint, here are some cheap web design ideas and ways that Singapore business owners can easily implement by themselves to upgrade their website.

Cheap Web Design Ideas and Ways #1: Pump in useful content to your website

Without a doubt, blogging is the most cost-effective way to drive qualified traffic to most websites. A website with little to no content may not seem as credible compared to a website with thick and quality content.

You can start by making basic information highly accessible on your website by consolidating the frequently asked questions and feedback from your customers. Then, address those concerns and turn them into blogs. With lots of useful information on your website, you can encourage your customers to search for the answers to their problems or even help them make a buying decision.

Cheap Web Design Ideas and Ways #2: Consider building a conversion funnel

Your website exists to educate customers about your products or services and then eventually close a sale. With proper structuring of a conversion funnel on your website, you can upgrade your website into a money-making machine.

As you start blogging regularly, you will eventually gain traction to your website. This enables you to earn contact information from your potential clients as leads in your database. You can draw them back to your website again with an enticing offer and move them from your landing page to your purchase or signup page.

Cheap Web Design Ideas and Ways #3: Remove or redesign off-brand visuals that don’t impress your customers

Having a strong brand identity that is consistent throughout your website creates trust and reflects professionalism to your company. There are many different color palettes and graphics on the internet but it does not mean that the mediums go well altogether (e.g. a website full of high-resolution photos with cartoon graphics)

Cheap Web Design Ideas and Ways #4: ‘Humanize’ your website

You are your brand. There are some things that are worth investing for and photos are one of them. The problem with stock photos is that they are freely available to everyone, meaning even to your competitors. Additionally, stock photos make the overall look of your website looks cheap and unprofessional.

Although hiring a photographer can be expensive but it is usually a one-off cost. A ‘Humanize’ website will build a unique and memorable brand for any business.


Maintaining a website is like an elephant in the room and no one pays regular attention to. Upgrading your website does not require a large investment as long as you dedicate a little time each week to re-build some of the areas on your website. This way, you can improve your sales results and build better branding for your company.

If you are unsure whether an upgrade to your website makes business sense, you can leave a comment below or reach out to me personally. Please consider signing up for my free newsletter too!

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