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The interplay between website creation and business determines why we build it and what should we build.

Catheryn Wong Biography

Catheryn is the founder of Best SEO Marketing Pte. Ltd., a Website Strategist and Copywriter. Her area of specialty is building websites for small business owners to get more site traffic and online presence.

A Website is Just the Beginning of Your Marketing Strategy

Every day, millions of new websites are created and added to the internet. Likewise, millions of websites are competing for a position on the first or first few pages of the Google Search Engine.

A new website without a purpose will literally drown and only be found in the last few pages of Google. What is the point of even creating a website in the first place?

If you truly need a website for any reason, it is important to give it a purpose.

Whether you are building a website by yourself or engage a web designer or website strategist like me, be sure to include the following in your website checklist:

Your website should be responsive in all electronic devices

Designing a mobile-responsive website is critical to the success of your website. Websites need to have a great user interface and experience, in order to ensure that people will stay on your website.

Build your website with basic SEO foundation

These days, anyone can create a website. It is critical to ensure that your website is secured, content is well-written base on keyword research and it can be seen on the search engine.

Know how to take charge of your website

After your website has been completed and handover to you, it is critical that you can steer the wheels by yourself and ensure that your website is always functioning properly. As your web designer, I will equip you with the basic knowledge on how you can update and maintain your website by yourself.

My Proprietary, Process, and Workflow.

Consultation is the most important part of any project. During this phase, I get to learn more about you and how your business works. This way, I can become a partner who provides value to your company beyond the design process. As we brainstorm the roadmap for your business, we will also outline how my solutions can meet your specific goals.

In order to work towards the success of your business, it all boils down to understanding your business well enough.


Market Research

Before I embark on any website design project, understanding the needs of your business is important to me. As partners, this will help us go a long way in creating a website that serves its objective.


Web Design Mock Ups

An ongoing market research will be conducted throughout the entire web design process. This means that even for the mock-up website that is presented to you, I will ensure that its design meets your requirements and it is aligned with the industry standards. 


Executing Designs

After you have approved the mock-up website, I will be working with you even closer and make the necessary revisions for the website design and its content. At the same time, I will also provide you the professional advice based on my experience with other clients.


Review and Succeed

Now that your website is ready. I will come in to provide you the consultation you need to market your website to the masses. This ensures that we can take your business to the next level.

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I'm a web designer, strategist, and copywriter who can deliver digital marketing solutions that solve your toughest business problems.

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