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Freelance Website Consultation Services in Singapore

When do you need a website consultation?

Every day, millions of new websites are created and added to the internet. Likewise, millions of websites are competing for a position on the first or first few pages of the Google Search Engine.

A new website without a purpose will literally drown and only be found in the last few pages of Google. What is the point of even creating a website in the first place?

Website is like an asset to the company and it is important to constantly maintain it. If you truly need a website for any reason, you must have a long-term Return-on-Investment (ROI) plan for it. 

My Web Consulting Process and Workflow

Consultation is the most important part of any project. During this phase, I get to learn more about you and how your business works. Whether I become a long-term partner or a short-term website consultant, my goal is to provide value to your company beyond the design process.

As we brainstorm the roadmap for your business, we will also outline how my solutions can meet your specific goals.

In order to work towards the success of your business, it all boils down to understanding your business well enough.


Catheryn Wong Biography

Catheryn is a freelance Website Strategist and Copywriter at Best SEO Marketing Pte. Ltd. She has taken up projects with many companies like Nanyang Technological University (NTU), EastWest SVC Pte Ltd, Rosette Designs & Co. and more.

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What'll You Get

My list of website consultation services includes:

#1. Free Website Audit (Basic)


This service is for business owners that just need to run a general & basic health check on their website. No obligations, just contact me and I will be happy to help.

Step 1: You would have to contact me and provide your website URL. 

Step 2: I’ll conduct a research and provide a basic audit based on your business needs & challenges.

Step 3: If needed, we’ll meet up for a discussion and what you can do more for your website (online only).

→ 1 week project

→ Up to 1 Video Call (with Recorded Video Screencast)

→ Tailored-made report with suggestion to improve your website.

→ Report includes insights like competitor analysis, ‘money’ keywords and effective strategies.

#2. Website Consulting Services (Premium)

From $997

When you need a professional to maintain your website, review your marketing campaign, and actually implement strategic suggestions for improvement on your behalf.

Step 1: You’ll first need to provide me the access to the backend of your website & Google accounts. Then, tell me exactly what problems and issues that you have been trying to solve (e.g. lack of quality leads, insufficient sales, website being hacked). 

Step 2: I’ll conduct a research and provide the best marketing solutions based on your business needs & challenges.

Step 3: We’ll meet up for a thorough discussion (can be online or offline).

Step 4: Once the first payment has been made & contract is signed, I’ll then start the project on your behalf.

Step 5: The progress and results of the marketing strategy will be monitored closely on a monthly basis.

→ 3 months project (monthly billing)

→ Up to 3 Face-To-Face Meet Up 

→ Up to 10 Video Calls (with Recorded Video Screencast)

→ Unlimited Email Communication

→ Complimentary Website Maintenance

I'm Ready!

If you have a solid understanding of your business goals and project needs, tell me more and I will get back to you shortly. 

Not quite yet...

If you are still accessing your business goals and project needs, I have a list of useful articles that might help you define them.

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I’m confident to help you achieve your website design goals!